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Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

The Mutual Fund Directors Forum's Directors' Resource Center Web site provides links to resources on certain topics that we feel mutual fund directors and other users of the Web site may find of interest. Some of the links on this page are to documents and Web pages of other organizations. With the exception of publicly available or public domain materials, the Forum has obtained permission from the respective authors and organizations to link directly to their articles or sites.

The linked content provided on the Forum's Directors' Resource Center Web site is for informational purposes only, and the content's maintenance and accuracy is the responsibility of their respective authors or owners, and not the responsibility of the Mutual Fund Directors Forum. Information included in this site has undergone review to ensure accuracy and currency. However, since the mutual fund industry, laws, regulation, and guidance change rapidly, some of the information may be out of date. Users are advised to consult other sources to confirm information included in this site. The Mutual Fund Directors Forum does not assume responsibility for omissions or inaccuracies in information included in this site nor for any consequences resulting from the use of this information.

The information linked on this page does not constitute legal advice. Before you make any decision that may have legal implications, you should consult with a qualified legal professional for specific legal advice tailored to your situation.