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Workplace Passion

A recent Deloitte report analyzes employees with “passion” – a type of worker essential to enabling businesses to thrive in the face of challenges.  The report notes that worker “engagement” is important to a healthy workplace, but workers with “passion” have a greater potential to thrive in the workplace.The report details three attributes that characterize workers with “passion.”  These attributes include:

• A desire to have a lasting an increasing impact on a particular industry or function;
• A disposition to actively seek challenges to rapidly improve their performance; and
• A disposition to seek deep interactions with others and build strong relationships to gain new insight.

Individuals with these characteristics are not discouraged by workplace challenges, but instead view them as opportunities to gain new skills.  Workers with passion motivate and energize others in the workplace as well.  Yet despite the importance of this type of employee, a Deloitte survey found that only 11 percent of U.S. workers possess these attributes.  The report describes steps CIOs and other leaders can take to create an environment that accelerates learning and improves performance by inspiring workers' passion.

The full report can be found here: http://