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The Forum's 2011 Policy Conference

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You will not want to miss the Forum's 2011 Policy Conference in Washington, DC April 28 through 29.  This year, SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro will be delivering the keynote address and the SEC's new IM Director, Eileen Rominger, will deliver her first address before an audience of fund directors.  The two-day conference will also feature panel discussions on how fund boards can more effectively oversee their funds' use of their fund's use of complex securities, board oversight of securities lending, and board oversight of transfer agent fee structures and their impact across different types of fund shareholders.  In addition,  attendees will be able to choose breakout sessions providing opportunities to discuss in a more intimate and conversational setting board composition, valuation, and some emerging tax issues from the European Union affecting certain funds.  

2011 Policy Conference #2

To learn more about the 2011 Policy Conference, including an agenda and list of speakers and panelists, and to register, please visit the conference's web page: