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SEC Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation

In a recent speech, Craig Lewis, Chief Economist and Director of the SEC's Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation discussed the Division's work.  He noted at the Division was "formed, in part, to integrate rigorous data analytics into the core mission of the SEC." 

In order to keep current regarding industry developments that could impact financial regulation, Mr. Lewis explained that his staff contributes to peer-reviewed publications and regularly interacts with members of the industry.  By doing so, he noted that his staff remains up-to-date regarding research methods and "cutting edge approaches and methodologies."

Mr. Lewis also discussed the work of the Office of Quantitative Research, which was created to develop analytical tools for use across the SEC.  He highlighted a recent model developed for the Division of Enforcement's Asset Management Unit and the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations.  He noted that the model was designed to use hedge fund performance as a way of identifying advisers who should be the subject of review.

Mr. Lewis also gave an overview of the Office of Risk Assessment, which reaches out to both industry participants and other regulators on a regular basis.  He stated that the Risk Assessment staff participates in examinations and consults on rulemakings.

The full text of the speech is available at