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MFDF - Mutual Fund Directors Forum - SEC Commissioner Aguilar Focuses on Cyber-Security Threats

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SEC Commissioner Aguilar Focuses on Cyber-Security Threats

In a recent speech, SEC Commissioner Aguilar called for the public and private sectors to work together to take action against cyber-security threats.  He expressed his growing concern that a cyber-attack could cause significant and wide-ranging market disruptions and investor harm.  Commissioner Aguilar noted that the SEC’s efforts in this area to date have focused on issuers and disclosures regarding cyber-security threats and incidents, but called on the agency to learn more.  To further focus the SEC’s attention to cyber-security issues, he encouraged the SEC to host the upcoming roundtable on cyber-security.  He hopes that the event will, in part, “focus and foster thoughtful discussions on how SEC regulated entities and public companies can best prepare for and respond to the inevitable cyber-attack.”