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Money Market Fund Portfolio and Pricing Information Open to the Public

The SEC has announced that the first filings of the new money market disclosure form, Form N-MFP, containing detailed information that money market funds file with the SEC are now available to the public. Form N-MFP, which is now required to be filed monthly by money market mutual funds, includes detailed information about a fund's investments and the market-based price of its portfolio known as its "shadow NAV" (net asset value) or mark-to-market valuation.

The data contained in these filings may be used by the SEC to guide examinations, and track risk related to the money market fund industry as whole.  Investors or potential investors in money market funds and market analysts may find useful insights in money market funds' Forms N-MFP, assisting in their evaluation of these funds.

Money market funds were required to begin filing the new Form N-MFP in December. Under rule 30b1-7, the SEC may release the information in the filings with a 60-day delay. In addition, investors and analysts may find more current, but less detailed portfolio information, on funds' websites within five business days after the end of the month.

The full text of the Commission's announcement is available at:

A document from the SEC providing guidance on Form N-MFP is available at: