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Low Representation for Women Portfolio Managers


A new article from Morningstar highlights the small number of women serving as portfolio managers. It reports that only 9.4% of portfolio managers in its database are women and only 2.5% of funds and 1.9% of total assets under management are exclusively managed by women.  The article finds that compared to other professions, "[a] woman is less likely to be running a U.S. mutual fund than working as a doctor (37%), lawyer (33%), or accountant or auditor (63%)." The article highlights asset managers Dodge & Cox, Franklin Templeton, and JP Morgan as leaders in gender diversity based on percentage of assets under management (at 25%, 14.7%, and 13.6% managed by women, respectively). Looking more broadly, Morningstar finds that 21% of funds are managed by a team that includes both men and women. While the difference is narrow, the article notes that mixed gender teams actually posted the best performance.

Morningstar's full report can be found here.