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MFDF - Mutual Fund Directors Forum - Joint Forum IDC Release on Money Fund Reforms

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Joint Forum IDC Release on Money Fund Reforms

The Mutual Fund Directors Forum has issued a joint statement with the ICI's Independent Directors Council, to voice their shared concerns about the potential collateral consequences and negative impacts that changes to the fundamental structure of money market funds could have on investors, on capital markets and on the economy in general.  Independent directors' oversight role gives them first-hand experience with and knowledge of the impact of regulation on money market funds, the important role of money market funds for their investors, and the importance of money market funds to the U.S. capital markets.  The positions taken in the joint statement are consistent with the views that have been expressed previously by both organizations. 

The joint statement can be found here:

The Forum's March 29, 2012 letter on the same topic to the SEC can be found here:

The Forum's January 10, 2012 letter to the SEC on potential money market fund reforms can be found here: