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MFDF - Mutual Fund Directors Forum - Barrington Partners Publishes Transfer Agency Report

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Barrington Partners Publishes Transfer Agency Report

At the request of Oracle Financial Services Software, Inc., Barrington Partners, an independent research and consulting company focusing on the global investment management marketplace, has issued a research paper entitled, "Evaluating the Next Generation Transfer Agency Environment: A Global Perspective."  The purpose of the project is to lay out the evolution of transfer agency processing and provide a projection regarding the future role of transfer agency in support of the global investment management marketplace.  The paper is being published in two parts, with the first part covering: 

  • Evolution of the traditional transfer agent role and the industry itself
  • Changes in the global investment management environment
  • Technology/operations changes and constraints
  • The current state summary and its potential evolution
  • Conclusion - the marketplace need for a global solution

Barrington Partners drafted this first paper with the assistance of numerous industry participants contributing on a no names basis, including investment management executives, software vendors, industry experts and Barrington Partners colleagues.  

The document provides an excellent overview of the development and mechanics of transfer agency, and provides some insight on the global scale and technological requirements of transfer agency.  

Barrington expects that the second part of this report will be issued over the next several weeks.

The full document may be found here.