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2010 Institutional Investment Report

Each year, the Conference Board publishes its Institutional Investment Report, a comprehensive analysis of the asset allocation and portfolio composition of institutional investors operating in the United States.  The 2010 edition of the report includes definitive data for 2009 and focuses on the effect of the 2009-2010 financial market rebound on institutional asset value and investment decisions.

The report is structured as follows.

  • Part I: Institutional Investment in U.S. Financial Markets examines historical trends regarding the investment in U.S. financial markets by institutional investors as a group and by individual types of institutions (including pension funds, investment companies, insurance companies, savings institutions, and foundations). The section features information on overall asset growth as well as asset allocation across institutions. The analysis is enhanced through line-by-line comparisons with the growth of outstanding U.S. financial assets and allocation decisions made by other categories of investors.


  • Part II through Part V expand on the general analysis of Part I by providing a closer snapshot of institutional investments in single asset classes, such as equity (Part II: U.S. Equity Markets), debt securities (Part III: U.S. Bond Markets), alternative instruments, including hedge funds (Part IV: Hedge Funds and Alternative Instruments), and foreign securities (Part V: Foreign Financial Markets).

The report is only available for free to Conference Board members and available otherwise for a charge.  Luckily, the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation has prepared a summary of the report's major findings.  That summary is available at: