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Director Candidate Database FAQ's

Interested in creating a profile in the Forum's database for prospective mutual fund directors? Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below to get started.

1) What should my resume include?

  • Your contact information (including a phone number, email address and at least a city and state of a residential address).  Because we send ONLY your resume to boards, if your contact information is not on that document they will be unable to reach you. We recommend including this information in the heading or near the top of the page.
  • If you use a traditional resume format, a summary or executive bio statement at the top of the page can be a useful way to convey the value that you would bring to a mutual fund board. You may choose to include key words describing your experience such as compliance, liquid alternatives, distribution, portfolio management, etc.
  • If you are using a narrative format, it is usually preferable to lead with your most recent experience.
  • It is useful to include career accomplishments and portions of your background and expertise that are relevant to fund board directors’ responsibilities.
  • Any current or former board experience (including corporate and nonprofit boards).
  • Post-secondary degree(s) (if any) with graduation year(s).

2) How do boards use the database?

Member fund boards gain access to the database as part of their Forum membership benefits. A board that would like to review candidates reaches out to the Forum staff with the criteria they are using to identify candidates. The staff uses the criteria to electronically search the database profiles to identify a list of the candidates that most closely match the search criteria. We then email the board the names and resumes of those individuals.

Once the Forum transmits the names and resumes of suitable board candidates, the Forum has no further involvement in the search process.  The Forum does not analyze candidates for potential conflicts or take any other steps to qualify candidates.

3) What are the most common skills or qualifications that boards look for in candidates?

Each search is very specific to an individual board’s needs. Considerations may include: skill sets already represented on the board or those that the board may wish to add; succession planning for upcoming retirements; type of funds in the complex as well as the complex size; committee structure of the board; and many others.

There is no single profile of an “all-star” board member that suits all boards at all times.

4) How will I know if my name is being considered by a board?

The Forum does not notify candidates when their names are sent out in response to a search request. Candidates under consideration will be contacted directly by a board or its representative.  Once the Forum transmits information regarding candidates, it is not involved in the board’s hiring process.

5) How long does the process take?

The timing of the board search process can vary considerably from board to board.  Some boards begin the search well before they plan to add directors, some do not. In general, the process may take longer than anticipated.

6) How can I update my resume if my circumstances change?

If your current career or board involvement changes, you should update your resume to keep it current.

To update your resume, email a new version to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the Forum will replace the resume on your profile with the new version.

7) What else should I be doing to make myself known to boards looking for candidates?

  • Educate yourself.  The legal framework and resulting obligations for mutual fund independent directors is highly specific and differs significantly from the regime governing operating companies.  A good source of information on the topic is the Fund Director’s Guidebook, published by the Federal Regulation of Securities Committee of the American Bar Association.
  • Network. Reach out to people you know who are either on mutual fund boards or work closely with fund boards (lawyers, accountants, service providers, etc.). They are best positioned to connect you with boards that are or may in the future be looking for candidates.

 8) How do I get started?

Complete and submit this form or email an up to date resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will follow up with you via email typically within two business days.

Please note: While we make every effort to match candidate database search requests with qualified candidates, we cannot guarantee that your name and information will be provided to boards engaging in searches. Additionally, we do not guarantee that your qualifications will match those desired by a board searching the database or that you will ultimately receive an offer to join a fund board. The information you provide will be shared only with fund boards and those working with fund boards to recruit director candidates. For additional information, view our confidentiality policy.