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Working Groups

Topic-Specific Groups

When preparing practical guidance or drafting comments for submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Forum organizes working groups that consist of members of the Forum and the Forum's Advisory Board. Members of the working group participate in these efforts in their individual capacities, and not as representatives of their organizations, the fund boards on which they serve, or the funds themselves. Prior to finalizing, drafts of any comment letters or reports are reviewed by the Forum's Steering Committee and Board of Directors, and their comments are integrated into the final product, which, consequently, may not necessarily represent the views of all Forum members in every respect.

Webinar Planning Group

The Forum regularly hosts webinars on a wide variety of topics. The Forum's Webinar Planning Group consists of members who are actively involved in selecting the topics for webinars and in shaping the content of programs. The Webinar Planning Group meets telephonically the second Thursday of every other month. Members who are interested in in contributing to the Webinar Planning Group should contact the Forum.