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Organizational Structure

The Mutual Fund Directors Forum is an independent, nonprofit corporation whose members are independent directors of U.S. registered investment companies.

The Forum is chaired by Jameson A. Baxter, who is the Chairman of the Putnam Funds board. David S. Ruder, who served as SEC Chairman from 1987 to 1989, was the founding Chairman of the Forum and now is Chairman Emeritus. The Forum is led by a 11-member Board of Directors.

The Forum serves as the voice of and advocate for independent fund directors on important policy matters. In order to ensure that positions taken by the Forum are broadly representative of its members, the Forum works with a Steering Committee to formulate positions. Each member group has a seat on the Forum's Steering Committee, giving members the opportunity to participate on a regular basis in the planning of Forum activities and the formulation of Forum policy.

The Forum is supported by an Advisory Board that is comprised of knowledgeable individuals from major organizations supporting the mutual fund industry. These individuals voluntarily share their knowledge and donate extensive time to helping ensure that positions the Forum takes are technically correct, well reasoned and practical. Members of the Advisory Board frequently work with Forum Working Groups that are established to create initial drafts of policy positions, practical guidance, best practices, and other Forum policy statements.